Sunday, August 23, 2009

Convention Make & Takes

So, I just wanted you to know that I haven't flaked out on you again... You know the huge gap between posts from April to August. Maybe the preschool teacher in me was just going in alphabetical order... Anyway, Friday night when I was sitting at my table thinking about what I wanted to blog about, I also happened to be sitting in front of a ginormous pile of unmounted stamps. It's sad enough to be a demonstrator and have unmounted stamps especially now when it's so much easier to mount them seeing as how all of our stamps are die-cut! But to be a demonstrator and have as many sets as I had in front of me - WOW! Ok, you're probably asking yourself how many stamps sets could I have had sitting there unmounted... Well, I'll just let you in on the horror!!! Friday night I sat and mounted 38 stamp sets... can you believe that?? But the great news is that my stamp shelf is so very nice and neat and contains sets that are ready to be used. It's so much easier to think when my stamp sets are ready for me!! Needless to say I finished mounting all my sets and it was time for bed. I think Saturday I was still in shock over having a shelf full of mounted stamp sets! It's just all so new to me - ha ha!!

So today, I went over to my upline, Phyllis', house - just to play! It was so much fun, as always. We finished our make & takes from convention a few weeks ago. Usually we don't have any problems finishing our make & takes, but this year we had an huge amount of projects. That's just fine with me. I'd much rather have the projects as ideas and finish them later. Mine were mostly finished as I had a "SPA" experience at convention. Shelli gave us our instructions before we broke up into our classes. I guess even Stampin' Up! realized that we had a large number of projects. Shelli suggested that we Stamp everything, then Punch and finally Assemble our projects. Hence, our "SPA" experience... I really enjoyed myself then during our make & take time and today finishing the projects. I hope you enjoy the projects. You may just see some of them in our events in the near future.

Until next time, take a break, relax and dive 'n2 stampin'...


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