Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Convention Gifts

Here's the bag that we got from Convention this year. I was so excited when I saw it because green is my favorite colors these days... this kind of green not the green green, but lime/kiwi kind of green... It's nice and big and my laptop fits into it which is a huge plus! I have all sorts of bags from my many Stampin' Up! events, but by far this is probably my favorite.

Usually we don't make a big deal out of convention gifts and of course with as busy as this summer has been I just wasn't on the ball. I did manage to make a little something for each of our group's convention goers. I made the little name tags for our bags. When you see 3000 people walking around with the same bag, it would be so easy to mistake someone else's for yours, so I thought it would be a useful little something. I used the badge holders that you can buy from Wal-Mart or your local office supply stores. I also had fun with my Big Shot so that was fun... I started out making one for each of my girls for their duffle bags. They went away to camp the same week as convention. I think they liked them too. Of course, I think girls like anything that has their own name on it.

Here's a gift from my sideline, Lyn... This was the first convention that she's been able to attend. She's been in Guam for the last three years. We had a blast!! I just love this cute little notepad. You can barely see in the photo, but the front is textured. Love it!!!

And finally, here's the gift from my upline, Phyllis... Of course, she goes above and beyond... I love it though, because the ideas that start flowing after seeing projects that she's done just amazes me!! I'm pretty sure that the notebook was intended for convention notes, but I was too paranoid that I would mess it up! I'll take it with me to work (to show it off) and I can use it there without carrying it back and forth in my bag walking all along the streets of Salt Lake City.

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Phyllis said...

Your upline is sooooooo awesome!