Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beary Best Bearthday!

Ok, I just have to tell you that when I first looked at the new Holiday Mini catalog, my thought was oh boy I'm in trouble!! So, I do the next best thing and try to talk myself out of needing to order everything! Usually I don't do a very good job of this (hence the need to mount 38 stamp sets in one sitting)... But this time I tried to rationalize... where do I take my stand, well, with the Build-a-Bear products. I've loved Build-a-Bear since my girls first fell in love with them years ago. Each of my children have gotten one at one time or another. But with Raven going into high school, Sierra going into middle school and Keegan being a boy pretty much obsessed with cars and Star Wars, I was really thinking that I wouldn't use the BAB products that often... you know, that stand... So, I put my pre-order in knowing that I wouldn't receive it until after convention. Now, having been a demonstrator for Stampin' Up! for five years now and having gone to four conventions and two leadership conferences, you'd like to think that I would know better than to try to make a stand like that, much less that I should even put an order in before a Stampin' Up! event... But, alas, such was not the case. As luck would have it, my bracelet pattern was called right after the BAB presentation at convention which means that I was now the proud owner of FREE Stampin' Up! product!!! You've gotta love that any way you slice it!! So of course that resolve of not needing the BAB products flew right out the window the moment that bracelet showed up on screen (actually it was out the window during the presentation, but what's a few minutes in the grand scheme of things!!). I won the Beary Best Friends and Beary Nice Wishes stamp sets and the Pawsitively Prints Designer Series Paper. I have to admit that I was very pleased to win these sets... the projects demonstrated on stage were just too cute for words and now I can play with these bears at home! Love it!!!

So here's a card that I made for our group meeting right after convention. I just had to use my new products. I watercolored the little boy bear using the Watercolor Wonder Crayons. I think it's very relaxing to watercolor. Maybe not the best choice for a swap when you have 10 of these to make, but still lots of fun! It's so easy to watercolor on our Watercolor Paper. The colors blend so nicely. I stamped the balloon on watercolor paper as well, watercolored it and then cut it out. For the string I tied our Linen Thread through the bottom of the balloon and glued it to the bear's paw using Tombow Multi-Glue. Now I actually have a birthday card ready for Keegan's next birthday friend. I love being prepared (not that it happens that often).


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Convention Gifts

Here's the bag that we got from Convention this year. I was so excited when I saw it because green is my favorite colors these days... this kind of green not the green green, but lime/kiwi kind of green... It's nice and big and my laptop fits into it which is a huge plus! I have all sorts of bags from my many Stampin' Up! events, but by far this is probably my favorite.

Usually we don't make a big deal out of convention gifts and of course with as busy as this summer has been I just wasn't on the ball. I did manage to make a little something for each of our group's convention goers. I made the little name tags for our bags. When you see 3000 people walking around with the same bag, it would be so easy to mistake someone else's for yours, so I thought it would be a useful little something. I used the badge holders that you can buy from Wal-Mart or your local office supply stores. I also had fun with my Big Shot so that was fun... I started out making one for each of my girls for their duffle bags. They went away to camp the same week as convention. I think they liked them too. Of course, I think girls like anything that has their own name on it.

Here's a gift from my sideline, Lyn... This was the first convention that she's been able to attend. She's been in Guam for the last three years. We had a blast!! I just love this cute little notepad. You can barely see in the photo, but the front is textured. Love it!!!

And finally, here's the gift from my upline, Phyllis... Of course, she goes above and beyond... I love it though, because the ideas that start flowing after seeing projects that she's done just amazes me!! I'm pretty sure that the notebook was intended for convention notes, but I was too paranoid that I would mess it up! I'll take it with me to work (to show it off) and I can use it there without carrying it back and forth in my bag walking all along the streets of Salt Lake City.

Until next time...


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Convention Make & Takes

So, I just wanted you to know that I haven't flaked out on you again... You know the huge gap between posts from April to August. Maybe the preschool teacher in me was just going in alphabetical order... Anyway, Friday night when I was sitting at my table thinking about what I wanted to blog about, I also happened to be sitting in front of a ginormous pile of unmounted stamps. It's sad enough to be a demonstrator and have unmounted stamps especially now when it's so much easier to mount them seeing as how all of our stamps are die-cut! But to be a demonstrator and have as many sets as I had in front of me - WOW! Ok, you're probably asking yourself how many stamps sets could I have had sitting there unmounted... Well, I'll just let you in on the horror!!! Friday night I sat and mounted 38 stamp sets... can you believe that?? But the great news is that my stamp shelf is so very nice and neat and contains sets that are ready to be used. It's so much easier to think when my stamp sets are ready for me!! Needless to say I finished mounting all my sets and it was time for bed. I think Saturday I was still in shock over having a shelf full of mounted stamp sets! It's just all so new to me - ha ha!!

So today, I went over to my upline, Phyllis', house - just to play! It was so much fun, as always. We finished our make & takes from convention a few weeks ago. Usually we don't have any problems finishing our make & takes, but this year we had an huge amount of projects. That's just fine with me. I'd much rather have the projects as ideas and finish them later. Mine were mostly finished as I had a "SPA" experience at convention. Shelli gave us our instructions before we broke up into our classes. I guess even Stampin' Up! realized that we had a large number of projects. Shelli suggested that we Stamp everything, then Punch and finally Assemble our projects. Hence, our "SPA" experience... I really enjoyed myself then during our make & take time and today finishing the projects. I hope you enjoy the projects. You may just see some of them in our events in the near future.

Until next time, take a break, relax and dive 'n2 stampin'...


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pirate Party Kit

Look at this awesome new product that Stampin' Up! is carrying now. It's a party kit with everything you needs to make your little pirate's birthday something he'll remember. I was so excited to see this product when I got my new catalog on June 2nd, yes, I said the 2nd... I just had to have it so I made my order and had it sent next day air!! Crazy I know, but really what price can you put on a new Idea Book & Catalog!! The only bummer about this product was that I couldn't order it until July 1st and Keegan's birthday is June 18th... That's ok though. It's not often that I'm really ahead of the game, but his next birthday, I'll be all ready to go!! I think he'll make an adorable 8-year old pirate!!

Each kit comes with die-cut pieces to make treasure boxes, pennants and food toppers, chipboard eye patches, invitations and envelopes for 8. You can get the Pirate Time stamp set to coordinate as well as a personalized "Captain" stamp for your pirate. Check this project out on page 175 of the 2009-2010 Idea Book & Catalog! It is just too adorable & easy - gotta love that!! There's even a Princess Party Kit for your little darling (can't leave out the girls!!)...

Until next time, take a break, relax and dive 'n2stampin'...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Whhewww wwwhheee!

It's been forever since I've posted to my blog. I am so sorry about that. I know that you were probably wondering if I fell off the face of the planet. Sadly, the answer is no, although there were many times when it would have been more enjoyably had that been the case. It just has not seemed like summer to me this year and I've already gone back to my day job officially. However, that just means that school is that much closer to starting, which in turn means that my beautiful children, that I love so very much, will be heading back to school! YAY!!!! I mean that in the most caring and loving, I'll miss them so much, sort of way. We have so many changes in store for us this year for school. My oldest daughter, Raven, will be entering high school this year (I can't be that old!!). She's very excited about this. I, however and quite terrified of the mean people who will try to talk her into things that she shouldn't be doing. My middle daughter, Sierra Jade, will be entering middle school this year. She can't be like me and just go into regular classes or anything. She will be going to the Middle Years International Baccalaureate Academy. We had a picnic this afternoon and I was the one who had to sit through short snippet classes to enlighten parents on what our children will be experiencing shortly. Again, I'm terrified... I sure hope she gets it because I won't be much help with homework! Unless of course, it's anything stamping-related - that, I can do!! Finally, my youngest and only son, Keegan Ryley, will be the only child in the same school as last year. He will be going into the second grade. This works for me. We've had a child attending this school every year since Raven was in Kindergarten, oh, 9 years ago. So with all the new adventures we're getting ready to come face-to-face with, I have to tell you how very happy I am to have my stamping to fall "n2" - that safe haven for me that makes everything else melt away. Who needs Calgon when you have this??

Here's a little box we created at my Stamp Club this past Sunday. We used the Big Shot and the exclusive Stampin' Up! Bitty Box and Envelope Die. So many possibilities with this die. We used the Retro Remix Wheel and Hello Again stamp set that I received at Convention a couple weeks ago. Gotta love those free sets!

Here's a glimpse of what was inside this adorable box...

We used Teeny Tiny Wishes for the sentiments on the cards. Can't you see giving this as a gift to your friends and family? So versatile, they'll have a card for any occasion right at their fingertips.

I hope you enjoy this sweet bitty box. Look for an updated class schedule soon, so that you can escape the hum, drum everyday life and dive 'n2stampin'...