Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm at the Leadership Conference!!

Hey there. I'm finally able to get online to tell you about Leadership! I'm having such a great time here in Orlando! I haven't been able to get online until now. Tanya and I are sitting in Hooters enjoying our sodas and curly fries. There's a BCS National Championship football game on and Florida is playing Oklahoma. You can imagine how loud it is in here. It's honestly the first time I've ever stepped foot in Hooters, but the only place that I've been able to find Wi-Fi!! I hope you enjoy the sacrifice that Tanya and I are making to bring you this info - ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

First and foremost I have to tell you that I've received the new catalog and it's absolutely the most beautiful & inspiring catalog that I think I've ever seen!! I've been a demo for almost five years now and while I've liked a lot about our catalogs, I can't say that there's anything in this catalog that I don't like!!! I've pre-ordered catalogs and they should be delivered by January 19th. This is one catalog you'll just have to have!

We've had the option to see and use some of our new products that will be available to purchase on January 19th and they are so awesome!! There is a new circle cutter that is a must have. We have new colored clips and new rich colored glitters! You know, since I could never do justice to all of the new offerings from Stampin' Up! in this post, I'll just end here and you'll have to come see me when I get home on Sunday! Until then... happy stamping!!

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