Sunday, January 11, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking!!

I can't tell you how ecstatic I am about the announcement from Stampin' Up! about a new digital scrapbooking software program that is in the works call My Digital Studio! For those of you that know me well, you know that scrapbooking is a little painful for me. I don't do it too often, usually only when planning a class. And when you have three children ages almost 14, 11 and 6 - that's a total of 31 years that I'm behind in my scrapbooking! I tend to be just a tad bit critical of myself and I'm a bit of a perfectionist! I know that's surprising to you (yeah right!). However the thought that I can upload my photos onto the computer (my next favorite thing to stamping) and I have the colors and accessories that I've come to cherish - I just can't think of anything better!! And to know that I can just press undo if I don't like something - WOW!!! Now I have to be honest with you... when I first heard about digital scrapbooking sometime last year, I thought that it seemed a bit impersonal. I know that I love scrapbook pages with all the colors and layers and pretty things. So I wasn't at all interested in combining that with my love of the computer. That was, of course, until Brent Steele, one of our corporate guys showed us this new program from stage. Brent talked about Hybrid Scrapbooking which is a combination of Digital Scrapbooking and Traditional Scrapbooking. That was it for me!!! I started imagining the possibilities of this product, not only in my business, but for my family! I may actually be able to catch up on those 31 years a lot faster! Again this is a product that is still in the works, but I'll definitely keep you updated on it! Stay tuned... Check back tomorrow for more on the new products coming our way in only a week. Until then... happy stamping!

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