Monday, October 6, 2008

Limited Time Decor Elements

Isn't this the cutest spider? He's available for a limited time, just in time for Halloween. We usually don't decorate for Halloween, but I have to admit that I put this little spider on a glass jar for our candy and it was just too much! I love it!! The Spooky Spider is available in three sizes and two colors - black and white.

The small Spooky Spider Decor Elements is $5.95, the medium is $10.95 and the large is $14.95. I used the medium on this jar and still had extra web lengths. I purchased the jar at Target for only $7.49.

Spooky Spider
Small: 4-5/8" x 4"
Medium: 8-7/8" x 7-3/4"
Large: 14-15/16" x 13"

Extra Web Lengths (included)

Small: 4-1/2"
Medium: 8-11/16"
Large: 9-1/2"

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